Time is less!


“When he worked,

he really worked.

But when he played,

he really played"


You can not buy time … 



We want to overcome boundaries and focus on what brings us fun and fulfillment.


Spending a good time in the limitation of time will never give you or our Dolls the ultimate satisfaction.


My Dolls live and love their little adventures and outbreaks from everyday life and in the past have always coped without a stopwatch!


By now we are finally putting the control of the time limitation into the hands of passion.

A daring, but also a liberating step!


The graduation of the fees now liberates itself finally from the limitations of the time!

You will find the fees on the lady's sedcard.


As a gentlemen, you will certainly encounter this new opportunity with contentment and respect.

Enjoyment- Passion - Fulfillment


Let yourself fall and enjoy gentleman authenticity in its purest form:


Naked - Sweaty - Without Stopwatch!


Your chiara

Join the Society


If you are already a customer, please send me a mail,

and I'll take care of unlocking your account right away.


For new customers:


Please contact me before making an intended booking.

I like to arrange extraordinary experiences and once in a lifetime dates.


You are only asked to tell me what your dream date should look like, I'll take care of the rest.


You do not just want to be one of many, then prepare your first date with us just like that!


I like to take some time for the initial consultation and would love to get to know each other well before going into business.



New Ladies welcome!

You are adventurous and would like to become a real fairytale doll?


With pleasure!


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