Hedonistic Fairytales


“The world of reality

has its limits;


the world of imagination

is boundless"


The fog wafts through the night darkly. It gets noticeably colder in November.


But listen!


Does not the whispering voices of delightfully excited Elves sound through the darkness? Added to that, the sounds of soft music, the soft clinking of glasses?


Isn't there a flickering light on the edge of the forest?


The next bend, the path widens - the mansion appears in the light of the torches in front of you.


What will the night bring .......?





Since 2016, we have been organizing such in-house events of the highest quality at Fairytale Dolls together with our customers.


Let your head cinema become reality. I have the appropriate location, the dolls, the game idea and the choreography.


Let yourself be seduced and charmed when it comes once again to experience erotic ideas and fantasies in a small and exclusive circle. Pure eroticism in an almost private setting, yet professionally arranged and performed.


My dolls finally had the idea for our events.


They had traveled privately together to get to know everything that was offered in this regard at many erotic events from Berlin via Hamburg to Munich, to Austria and Switzerland. These were nice and exciting experiences.


So the idea was born to arrange our own and very special Fairytale Doll events.


And the success so far gives my dolls right!


The range of our events is colorfully scattered. From the special fetish event to poker evenings, masked balls, dance parties, pool parties or staged movie parties with titles like "Popsicles", "From Dusk Till Dawn" or "Coyote Ugly" ,it’s all there.

Roleplays or mental cinema, fantasy or reality?


How does it work?


I will frequently make announcements of the individual events. If you are interested and would like to know more about it, you can add yourself to my event mailing list. It is not binding and allows me, however, to offer and discuss the individual events only internally in the closed agency area. Of course, the pre-noted interested gentlemen receive news about new events a little before an announcement here on the homepage.


Everything else, place, time, price, participating dolls, theme and process of the event as well as the possibility to register will be given exclusively in the closed area of ​​the interested parties.


The events are open to gentlemen, ladies and couples.


Of course, the focus will be on the connoisseurs and connoisseurs among the gentlemen, who can treat themselves to a "very extraordinary" enjoyable time with selected Dolls in their very own and exclusive setting.


Just a "break" beyond everyday life and beyond the usual escort dates. The very special way of escort.


If you are interested in the Fairytale Dolls Events and would like to have an invitation, feel free to contact me personally and be included in the invitation list.


An early registration for the events is advisable, the number of participants is always very limited.


I look forward to you all!


Best regards


Chiara Coquet

Die Vorführung,

ein kleines Intermezzo

28. Februar 2020


""Public Disgrace" - die erotischste Form der submissiven Unterwerfung

Ski Heil! 

January 2019

4 Days, 3 Nights and so much more to discover with our Dolls!

Bandits & Bitches

30. Mai 2020


August 2020


Clothed Man, Naked Female!

3,2,1.... Dream!


Champagne Nights

September 2019



November 2019

Unser Klassiker!...

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You are only asked to tell me what your dream date should look like, I'll take care of the rest.


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I want to take some time for the initial consultation and would love to get to know each other well, before going into business.



New Ladies welcome!

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With pleasure!


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