Secret Society


“When he worked,

he really worked.

But when he played,

he really played"


Life sometimes offers more than the usual standards. Also in the erotic lifestyle.


But are you also willing to allow this "other" and discover it with us?


We want to!


A few of our dolls have started to explore and live their own lusts and cravings. They discovered several Events, parties and venues on their own or with me together.


Since this bold and liberating step, the Fairytale Dolls have started to offer these kind  of adventures to selected gentlemen:


Join us on a voyage of discovery into a perhaps new, but extremely exciting world of eroticism outside of the usual habits.

It is all about all the cravings that you can live out in the context of escort for both the dominant and the submissive part. Whether male or female.


Imagine yourself on the dark side of eroticism and enjoy your very special time with natural-minded, submissive dolls, a dominant mistress, exceedingly resilient O, modest submissive maids or a very attractive, experienced gentleman dom that will empathize you with the art of domination.



I will accompany you with your "very special" escort dates.

I arrange single dates, "frivolous going out", "all inclusive" packages for couples, for shows and demonstrations (active / passive) or just for an extraordinary and particularly sparkling evening for two, three or four. Or may it be in the context of a „Lifestyle -Agreement“ -perhaps a solo or a pair of accompaniment in a selected noble swingers club in Germany or Switzerland?


More about the packages, special arrangements, BDSM couples, party & events and lifestyle

gladly with me personally. Let us plan together!




For the more experienced customers among you:


It goes without saying that we stick to the principles of SSC - Safe, Sane, Consensual (safe, sound, mutually agreed) with you - just as we attach great importance to the principles of discretion and mutual trust.


All our fetish ladies live these inclinations. They have found their access to BDSM in different ways. However, we also worked out and tried many things together to really be "safe" for our customers.


Guide the beginner and the beginner cautiously and lead them into the wicked side of BDSM eroticism, but not to disappoint the experienced gentleman and connoisseur of the scene - that's what fetish / BDSM eroticism stands for at Fairytale Dolls.


Or are we taking your first steps into this new and exciting world together at one of our fetish events? I would be glad!


But please note at any time, at BDSM and all varieties and descriptions we describe are pure role-playing games. Although our dolls live out their personal fetish, their individual limits and limitations can always be met.

A respectful interaction with each other is therefore a prerequisite for a booking. And of course some BDSM Doll turns out to be a very cuddly mouse after the "game session" and loves the tender hug.


If you are interested in one of these varieties, in the matching dolls or at the appropriate locations or events on the subject of BDSM, lifestyle & fetish, I am happy to stand by your side with confidence.


Of course, many of these varieties and arrangements can be lived out in your hotel room in a modified form. Please just talk to me!



Sincerely, Chiara Coquet

Join the Society


If you are already a customer, please send me a mail,

and I'll take care of unlocking your account right away.


For new customers:


Please contact me before making an intended booking.

I like to arrange extraordinary experiences and once in a lifetime dates.


You are only asked to tell me what your dream date should look like, I'll take care of the rest.


You do not just want to be one of many, then prepare your first date with us just like that!


I like to take some time for the initial consultation and would love to get to know each other well before going into business.



New Ladies welcome!

You are adventurous and would like to become a real fairytale doll?


With pleasure!


Here you can find more information about us:

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